Collect 'Em All: The How and Why of Collectible Toys

‍Collectibles have been around for centuries. The Egyptians collected rare and valuable items and were buried alongside them. The Victorians collected creepy dolls and weirdly stuffed animals. Its still a massively popular hobby, with people from all walks of life seeking out the perfect additions to their various collections. Collecting toys can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, sparking major nostalgia. So, let's take a look at what makes toys special enough to want to colelct them, why you should start collecting, and a few handy tips for how to start a collection.

What are Collectible Toys?

Collectible toys the ones that on release, sell out immediately, they're limited edition, have a high value or are only available in certain shops. People collect all sorts of things from limited edition figuresstatues and maquettes to more modern collectibles like Funko Pop! figures (this centurys Beanie Babies). The really sought after things might be part of a limited run (eg. limited to 500 pieces around the world).

You can find hidden gems in all kinds of places, you might stumble upon some really old stuff in antique shops, flea markets, car boot sales, and even online auction sites. Modern collectibles are available in specialist shops like us here at Shogun Toys, comic book shops, and even online on sites like eBay and Amazon.

Benefits of Collecting Toys

The main reason people start collecting toys is nostalgia. Relive the joys of being a kid and fill your spare bedroom with 500 Star Wars figures. You can finally afford that Lego Death Star or the full set of  It can also be a great way to connect with others who share the same interest and passion for collecting. Having a huge collection can be a great source of pride for the collector themselves. Completing a collection can give you a real sense of accomplishment, until you realise there's a whole other level to your collection that you didn't ever know about and now those are the must-haves and holy grail items.

Another aspect of collecting is investment. You might not start out your colelction thinking that the items you're collecting will appreciate in value over the next 5, 10 or more years but they can, and they do! Rare and vintage toys can be sold for a high price, and limited edition figures can be highly sought after.

Starting a Collection - What to Look for & Where to Find Collectible Toys

Collections aren't usually a planned thing, they will form organically. You pull a Magikarp in a pack of Pokémon cards, it has great art, you love the little flailing orange dude and think nothing of it. Then you pull another one a few weeks later. You put them next to each other in your binder and this happens a couple more times and all of a sudden you have Magikarp collection. Now you're bidding on every Magikarp listing on eBay, you have the shadowless base set, the first edition, the Shining Magikarp, the Full Art!. You can't help it you're now a collector.

Whether its Pokémon cards, action figures, anime statues, or plush toys you can collect all sorts of things and it's super hard to stop once your collection has started growing.

You'll have to look out for mint packaging, limited editions and various other quirks that make collectibles rare and valuable.

How to Care for and Display Your Collectible Toys

Once you’ve found the perfect collectible toys for your collection, it’s important to take care of them. Toys that are being kept for display should be kept in a dry and dust-free environment, and should be kept away from extreme temperatures. Toys should also be handled with care to prevent damage or wear and tear.

When displaying your collectible toys, it’s important to showcase them in a way that is both attractive and safe. It’s best to keep your toys out of direct sunlight, the UV rays fade the colours on the packing and can even discolour the collectibles themselves. Keep your items mainly dust-free by putting them in a display case or glass cabinet, you can still see and enjoy them but don't have to constantly dust them.

How to Start Selling Collectible Toys

If you’re looking to cash in on a collection that you've had for many years, or maybe you just got a steal on a really rare item, then you'll want to cash in quickly and in a safe manner. You could head to eBay and investigate the latest prices that your item or items have been selling for. On eBay you have a lot of protection as a seller, as long as you follow the guidelines set out by eBay themselves, e.g. sending items by tracked post, taking payment through paypal etc. Meeting up with someone in person is also an option, however, it can be a little more sketchy than dealing with someone over long distance, online.

Provide accurate descriptions and show lots of images and you should have a great experience. Hopefully, making a bit of money on the original value in the process.


So, we all know that collecting toys can be rewarding, the thrill of the hunt is the greatest part, finally laying your hands on your holy grail. It’s important to know what you're looking for and where to reliably find collectible toys, as well as how you're going to care for them to keep them in the best conditition for future display or selling. Hopefully, you are looking forward to going out and finding something collectible from a movie, game or tv show that you love


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