A Beginner's guide to Ultraman: The Sentinel From the Stars

For over 50 years, Ultraman, the celestial superhero, has become a worldwide sensation. The franchise obviously has its roots in Japan and the main audience is there, but it's also spread all over Asia and the rest of the world, enthralling viewers with its special fusion of action, spectacle, and heart. We can help if you're unfamiliar with the Ultraman universe in navigating this fascinating world.

What is Ultraman?

The Ultraman franchise has been entertaining viewers for more than 50 years with various refreshes over this time to keep the audience interested in the show and its protagonists. The reasons for its success are down to the action-packed episodes, captivating plots, and recognisable characters. The franchise, which debuted in 1966 with the first tv show of Ultraman, has since grown to include numerous sequel series, spin-offs, films, comic book adaptations and countless toys and other merchandise.

The Inception of Ultraman

The pioneering Godzilla movie was the brainchild of special effects king Eiji Tsuburaya, whose creative talent ultimately gave rise to the Ultraman series. After making a number of lucrative films, Tsuburaya established his own business, Tsuburaya Productions, with the intention of providing television special effects of the same calibre. Ultra Q, a kind of Japanese X-Files with enormous monsters that debuted on the Tokyo Broadcasting System in 1966, became an instant smash.

Due to Ultra Q's popularity, a second series was made, this time in colour and with a stronger emphasis on adventure than mystery. As a result, Ultraman emerged and swiftly overtook Ultra Q in popularity.

The Legend of Ultraman

The Ultras, a species of celestial creatures, are the centre of the Ultraman world. The Ultras were once human-like people, but after their sun died and they were compelled to make the Plasma Spark, an artificial sun, they were turned into stellar entities. The people of the planet Nebula M78, today referred to as the Land of Light, were changed into the Ultras by this intense source of light.

New Ultra heroes have been introduced throughout the years in various Ultraman series, each with their own specialties and backstories. Despite their differences, all Ultras have the same goal: to defend the universe from danger.

Ultraman: The Fundamentals

Given the vast universe and the enormous number of episodes, it can be difficult to get into Ultraman. But getting started in the Ultraman universe can be made much simpler by grasping a few fundamental ideas.

The Special Search Party for Science (SSSP)

The SSSP, a well-funded government agency entrusted with studying and eliminating threats from space and from the biological realm, is presented to viewers in the opening episode of Ultraman. A crimson celestial ball accidently collides with Shin Hayata, a team rookie, putting him in danger of dying.

Hayata is given a second chance at life by the Ultraman entity, which is housed inside the red orb. This enables Hayata to change into Ultraman, a 40-foot-tall warrior with mighty combat prowess and unique laser abilities, whenever the situation calls for it.

The Transformations and Powers of Ultraman

The Beta Capsule, a gadget, is what causes Ultraman to morph. When activated, Hayata transforms into the enormous Ultraman, prepared to face any monster enemy the SSSP cannot defeat alone. With a variety of abilities, including physical strength and energy blasts, Ultraman is a powerful opponent for the threats to Earth.

The Development of Ultraman 3.

The Ultraman series has developed over time, adding new heroes, improving its idea, and broadening its universe. Here are a few significant Ultraman franchise advancements.


Ultraseven, a series similar to Ultraman but with a more mature tone and more graphic monster encounters, was first released in 1967 by Tsuburaya Productions. Ultraseven wasn't an alien who had connected with a human like Ultraman was. He was an alien that had transformed into a human. This series represented a break from the Ultraman formula and gave a twist on the original story.

Ultra Seven

Ultraman's Comeback

The 1971 film The Return of Ultraman represented a return to the original Ultraman concept of an Ultra connected to a human. However, it was established in canon that this Ultraman—who eventually went by the moniker of Ultraman Jack—was distinct from the first Ultraman. The first crossover in the franchise occurred when the original Ultraman and Ultraseven made cameos in the television show.

The Ultraman eras

The Showa period (1966–1981), the Heisei era (1996–2013), and the New Generation era (2014–present) are the three main eras of the Ultraman series. Viewers have a broad variety of options to pick from because each era has its own distinctive characteristics and fashion.

Introduction to Ultraman

It can be difficult to know where to start with Ultraman because there are so many alternatives. There are, however, a number of ways to enter the Ultraman realm that can make your quest simpler.

Ultraman's first television series

Those who want to explore the franchise's origins should start with the original Ultraman series. The series, which is more than 50 years old, nevertheless holds up well and provides the ideal balance of action, spectacle, humour, and heart.

Heisei Period

The Heisei era is a fantastic place to start for those who like a more contemporary interpretation of Ultraman. This time period included more complex special effects, new Ultraman characters, and mature tales.

The New Generation Era

A new generation of viewers is being catered to by the New Generation phase of the Ultraman series, which debuted in 2014. Despite being distinct series, the Showa and Heisei Ultras frequently make cameos in the New Generation era, which is highly influenced by the earlier series.

Where to Watch Ultraman

It is simpler for fans to get started with the Ultraman franchise because a variety of platforms provide access to multiple Ultraman series available. Among the well-liked choices are:


The latest Ultraman series has arrived on Netflix. This is the world's premiere streaming service so the reach that this new series will have is brilliant for the awareness of Ultraman and the increase in the number of fans around the world.

Shattered Factory

The original Ultraman, Ultra Q, and Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga are just a few of the Ultraman series available from Shout! Factory. The website provides both free and paid material. Currently, only available to users in the US, something a VPN could get around. Watch here


Another website where fans may watch free Ultraman series is Tubi. On Tubi, you may watch several shows like Ultra Q and Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga. Similarly this service is only available in the US, however a VPN would get around that too.

Ultraman the Manga

As an alternate universe version of the original series, the Ultraman manga gives a novel perspective on the Ultraman franchise. The manga, which has been turned into an anime that is available on Netflix, offers a distinct viewpoint on the Ultraman legend and is a fantastic place for people who are unfamiliar with the concept to begin.

Ultraman Comics

Ultraman has been converted into comic books in addition to TV shows and motion pictures, giving fans another opportunity to experience the Ultraman world.

The Ultraman Series from Marvel Comics

The Ultraman comic book for Western readers debuted in 2020 thanks to a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions. The series is an excellent place for new fans to start because it presents a contemporary interpretation of the original Ultraman series.

Ultraman for Youngsters

There are various Ultraman series made exclusively for children, even though many of them are geared towards older viewers. These shows are a fantastic way to introduce younger viewers to the franchise and offer a more humorous take on the Ultraman mythology.

Ultraman Collectibles

There are endless supplies of Ultraman memorabilia available for individuals who wish to take their passion of this superhero to the next level, including action figures, model kits, apparel, and more.

Ultraman X

In summary

There is no disputing the ongoing allure of this legendary property, whether you are drawn to the classic Ultraman series or the more contemporary adaptations. Ultraman provides a distinctive viewing experience that continues to fascinate viewers all over the world with its rich lore, intriguing plots, and endearing characters.

It's never too late to begin exploring the Ultraman world. With the help of this guide, you'll be well prepared to explore the Ultraman universe and identify the series that speaks to you the most. Enjoy the show!


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