What Does Otaku Mean? A Guide to the Japanese Subculture

In all walks of life you get obsessive people. They spend a lot of time and vast amounts of money on their hobbies, whether that's gaming, anime, monster movies or whatever. Over here you'd get called a nerd or geek, which these days don't hit as hard as they did back in the 90s. In Japan they have a different name: otaku.

What does it mean? The word “otaku” carries negative connotations. It was orignally used to describe someone who obsessed over something to the point of being creepy, but now it has been adopted by the groups of Otakus themselves and has become something more positive. 

If you're talking about Otakus it's usually going to be someone who's obsessed with Anime, Video Games or another aspect of Geek Culture.

What is Otaku?

Otaku is a Japanese word that is used to describe people who are obsessed with one thing, particularly anime, manga, or video games. The word is actually a compliment in Japan, but in the West, it is often used to make fun of nerds or geeks. The word otaku comes from the term “otaku no kōshin,” which refers to the obsession with collecting things, particularly things that only have sentimental value. People who are otaku are often extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the thing they love. Being otaku isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re an otaku, you probably have a strong interest in something, which makes you more interesting than someone who doesn’t have any hobbies. If you’re interested in something, you can also meet people who share your interests. That’s a great way to make new friends.

How to Become an Otaku?

There is no exact way to become an otaku. Everyone is different, and people will become otaku for different reasons. The important thing to keep in mind is to not become too obsessed with one thing. In many cases, people become otaku because they lack social skills or have difficulty relating with other people. They may also lack other interests, so they decide to obsess over a single topic instead.

The Good Side of Being an Otaku

  • You Will Find Yourself - Becoming an otaku is a way to discover the real you. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, you can try to find out what you love. You can use your interests as a way to find yourself, and you can use them to find your passion.
  • You Will Make New Friends - If you love something, you will find other people who also love it. Whether you love anime, video games, or something else, you can find people who have the same interests as you do. You can meet new friends and make new connections because of the things you love.
  • You Will Be Creative - When you love something, you have a deep understanding of it. You will probably have a lot of thoughts and ideas about the thing you love, and you will probably want to share them with other people. Being creative and sharing your thoughts is a great way to make new friends and connect with other people.

The Bad Side of Being an Otaku

  • You Will Become Weird - When you are obsessed with a single topic, you might feel like you’re losing your mind. You may become so fixated on one thing that you lose sight of everything else.
  • You Will Waste Your Time - Otakus spend a lot of time on their hobbies, however, that may not feel wasted to them. If you become an otaku, you will probably spend all of your time doing things related to your obsession. You may become so obsessed with your topic that you don’t have time for anything else.
  • You Will Be a Bad Friend - If you become obsessed with a single topic, you will probably forget that you have friends. You may not have time for your current friends or you may become too focused on your own interests to care about anyone else. Being an otaku can make you a bad friend.

The Conclusion

The word otaku has a negative connotation in the West. It is used to describe people who are obsessive and weird. However, in Japan, otaku has a more positive connotation. It refers to people who are obsessed with things like anime, video games, and other geek culture. Being an otaku is, of course, fine. Having such passion about something is admirable, however, broadening your interests will introduce you to people outside your usual circle of friends and this may lead to new friendships & relationships.


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