Superheroes Inspire Us: How Comic Books and Films Shape Our Lives

Superheroes inspire us because they’re larger than life, fighting against the impossible and those who would do evil in the world. They’re the perfect embodiment of everything we wish we could be but also fear we can never become. You see, the feats and achievements of these guys and gals that look so much like ourselves, with the addition of a few more bulging biceps, is what makes them so inspiring. They’re our mirror and our saviour all wrapped into one.

Superhero stories are now told in comic books, tv shows and massive multi-billion dollar movie franchises. We've come a long way from newspaper strips where people were first introduced to some of the super-characters that we still love today. We're going to try and give some insight into the mega-rise in popularity of Superhero movies, TV shows and Merchandise.

What is a Superhero?

A Superhero is a fictional character that usually has abilities beyond what any human-being can do. This can be as obvious as the ability to fly or super strength, or it could be something like the ability to overcome fear like nobody else.

The differences in Superheroes caters to the different tastes in readers or movie-goers. Superman will be more widely liked than The Tic or Squirrel Girl but all fall under the scope of Superhero.

Some examples are listed below for you to consider when deciding what you’d consider a superhero.

  • Fantastical powers or abilities: Lifting a car above their head, flying at the speed of sound, catching a speeding bullet. These are all things that various superheroes have done and these powers are the cornerstone to what we class as a superhero.
  • Brave to the last: Superheroes rarely hesitate launching into a battle with the big bad villain of the day. They are the bravest of the brave, protecting those who cannot protect themselves.
  • Biggest of the Big: A superhero who has the resources to go up against the most formidable threats. Of course these are heroes like Captain America, the Hulk and Iron Man. Japan have their own heroes like Ultraman
  • Greatest of All Time: A superhero who is recognized for their accomplishments and heroic actions, rather than just their physical features. This can include anything from their intelligence to their moral qualities.

Why We Love Superhero Movies and TV Series

There are a wide range of reasons why people come to love superheroes and their stories. The most simple reason is that superheroes are endlessly entertaining.

Superheroes are what humans like to think we could achieve if faced with mastermind villains. They are also genre-spanning storytelling, bringing the best bits of action, sci-fi, comedy and more to media that we can easily consume. There are hidden lessons in these stories that can inspire and empower the average reader. Standing up for what is right, how to help people, not discriminating are all common themes in Superhero storytelling,

How Comic Books and Superhero Stories Work

There are so many different settings for Superhero stories they can really be set anywhere, from a recognisable metropolis on Earth to a distant planet in another galaxy. Usually the Superhero is the protagonist and either has to achieve the impossible and save someone or something from certain death or destruction. Sometimes their morals will be tested or a hero may face the age old dilemma of who to save for the greater good.

Helpfully, they're normally clad in a bright, Spandex suit so the viewer or reader can easily recognise them. The superhero’s task is to overcome the test in order to save the day. At first, the superhero must overcome their doubts and insecurities, but with enough confidence, they can grow into the hero they were always meant to be.

How Superheroes Inspire Us

There are many sources of stress and anxiety these days, it's easy to escape these by getting lost in another world deep in a comic book or the latest Marvel movie. Superhero stories can empower people as they find strength and hope from the achievements of the heroes in these stories. The protagonists are also sometimes people who are just from an ordinary walk of life who have the responsibility of new super powers thrust upon them, it's inspiring to see someone accept that responsibility and succeed. 


In a world full of stress, the escape of a Superhero story can inspire and provide respite in somone's hectic life. The characters we've discussed are people who face incredible challenges and come out on top, this is inspiring to anyone. Comic books are a great way to get into the awesome worlds of Superheroes, then move on to the amazing amount of movies and TV shows that are available these days.

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